We all have a personal responsibility to ensure we challenge discrimination and promote equality, diversity and inclusion. At Progress we are determined to ensure people are treated fairly and respected as fellow human beings. Many things are wrong in our society, but we are committed to ensuring we contribute to making it a fairer place for all. Our employment offer is an important part of that commitment and we are working hard to be better at creating opportunities for all. Our role as a social housing provider champions the right for everyone to have a decent home and to be supported so every individual can reach their potential. These principles are demonstrated in our values and in the way we work with customer and colleagues every single day. Our offer is a genuine one, we truly want to improve the lives of our customers and create new opportunities for all. This is delivered through our committed and talented workforce which we would love to welcome you into. Be part of our campaign to create a fairer society and opportunities for all. Jacqui De-Rose, Chief Executive

We recognise that certain groups in society are disadvantaged and that they often do not have equal access to jobs and services. In the provision of housing services and our role as an employer to provide these services, we will always seek to ensure that we treat every individual according to their needs.

All applicants will be treated equally. No person applying for housing, or for a job, or for contracts within Progress Housing Group, will be treated less favourably than any other person or group of persons because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin or because of their religion, gender, sexuality, disability, appearance, age, HIV status or marital status.

We will ask people applying for housing and employment for information that will help us monitor our progress towards equal opportunities. This information will be recorded separately to uphold confidentiality. We will monitor and take action to put right any imbalances in our policies and practices.

In carrying out this equal opportunities policy, we will actively assist disadvantaged groups to benefit from our housing services.

You can read our EDI strategy here. 

Black Lives Matter Statement

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all those united in the struggle against racism and the fight for justice.

As an organisation whose core purpose is to tackle inequity, and work towards a fairer society for all, we have carefully considered our response to the events of this year and the significance of the Black Lives Matter Movement. We have taken time to evaluate who we are, why we exist, and how we can meaningfully contribute to a global action that is long overdue.

Whilst inequalities are very much evident for the groups that we work with, whether those with learning disabilities, facing homelessness or domestic abuse, or those with opportunities limited by life experience or financial circumstances, we feel it is crucial at this moment to re-acknowledge how race impacts on the inequality Black people experience in society. 

As an organisation and a sector, we are asking ourselves what more we must do to ensure that we work hard towards equity of opportunity for Black people and not just equality of opportunity.  This means reviewing how we do things and challenging ourselves to work harder to deliver services and opportunities to underrepresented groups in our organisation and society.

As an employer, we are actively encouraging diversity at Board level - you can read more about our Achieving and Harnessing Board Diversity scheme, which we have launched in partnership with Together Housing Group and the Housing Diversity Network here.

We are looking at ways to attract more diverse talent to our organisation – we have recruited a dedicated Resourcing and Talent Management Partner to help us achieve greater diversity at all levels of our organisation.

We’ve scrutinised and restated the strategic aims of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working party and we working to ensure that becomes a meaningful force for change.

As an organisation, we seek opportunities to open up conversations around race through structured training programmes, cultural events, policy reviews, and processes such as our inequality impact assessments.

Our approved contractor, consultant and supplier policy has EDI requirements and is included in all tendering activity.

All our colleagues are involved in equality, diversity and bias training. We encourage open conversations to ensure issues are discussed and consideration is given to how we can constantly improve.

We are reviewing how we position ourselves externally as an organisation – whether that is through the language we use, the way we reflect the diversity of experience of our customers and employees, and more importantly, ensuring we are confident to engage in challenging conversations in the public arena: we must ensure that we are (remove) lead by example.

As an organisation, we are on a journey, and we are well aware of the social obligation we have to make a change. We are committed to making a meaningful difference to all people.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Performance statistics

For more detailed information, please refer to these statistics, our quarterly balance scorecard or contact us.

Gender pay gap report

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017​ came into force in April 2017. It requires employers with 250 or more employees on the snapshot date (5 April each year) to publish reportable information online, both via gov.uk and on their own website, within 12 months of the snapshot date.

Please note, the only part of the Group which had 250 or more people employed on 1 April 2018, was Progress Housing Group Limited. None of the other group companies (New Fylde Housing Limited, New Progress Housing Association Limited, Progress Care Housing Association Limited, Key Unlocking Futures Limited or Concert Living Limited) had 250 or more employees on 1 April 2018. We can only therefore report Progress Housing Group Limited's gender pay gap data to the government.​

You can read our gender pay gap report on the GOV UK website here.

You can read our own detailed gender pay gap report here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Housing Services

We will take steps to encourage applications for housing for all parts of the community. We will monitor each stage of our application and allocation process to ensure that every application for housing is treated fairly and no individual is discriminated against. We will monitor and regularly review our letting policy.


We will advertise jobs in such a way as to encourage applications of all parts the community. We will regularly review and monitor our recruitment and selection policy to ensure that no job applicant or employee is treated less favourably than another. The results of the monitoring are reported to the board of management on a quarterly basis.

We will monitor training to ensure that all employees receive equality of opportunity and, where appropriate, we will provide staff from minority groups with special training facilities to enable to compete or qualify for positions within Progress Housing Group.

We value our employees and we have been rewarded the Investor in People standard.

All employees will be required to ensure that their personal conduct within the Group reflects the equal opportunities policy. Staff will be encouraged to develop awareness of the issues and training is provided.

Board of Management

In the composition and operation of the Board of Management we will be mindful of our commitment to equal opportunity.


All our contractors must either have their own equal opportunities policy which is in line with our Group policy or, if they do not have a policy themselves, uphold our equal opportunities policy.

Tenant Representatives

We are committed to tenant consultation and participation. We are committed to equality of rights to consultation and participation between assured, protected assured and assured short-hold tenants, irrespective of their length of tenancy or where and in what type of property they live. We consult and encourage participation for all tenants regardless of age, nationality, race, financial circumstance, political or religious beliefs or sexuality.