The following report provides a quarterly review of feedback performance for Progress Housing Group during the period 01 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.

Feedback from the previous quarter (Quarter 4, 01 January 2018 – 31 March 2018) includes:

  • 75 complaints recorded at stage one
  • 2 complaints recorded at stage two
  • 0 complaints recorded at stage three
  • 100% complaints responded to within target timescales
  • 83 compliments received during quarter 4

Feedback for the year 2017/18 (01 April 2017 – 31 March 2018) includes:

  • 284 complaints received
  • 98.2% on average complaints responded to within target timescales
  • 201 compliments received during 2017/18


2.1 The Executive Board are asked to note the contents of this report.



Business Plan

The Group’s feedback policy and procedure mirrors the visions and values within the Business Plan, ensuring that the Group is accountable to customers, the regulator, and relevant stakeholders.

Risk management

Failure to follow our Feedback Policy and procedures could lead to costs or sanctions being incurred should a case be referred to the Housing Ombudsman, and a reputational risk to the Group.

Regulatory framework

The regulator requires the group to have effective complaints processes and to publish performance relating to complaints. This report provides the detail required to comply.

Value for Money

The co-regulatory principles underpin the regulatory approach. Feedback is a key part of co-regulation. Providers must support tenants both to shape and scrutinise service delivery. By examining the nature of the feedback we receive, we can learn from our customer’s opinions and look to improve services, therefore minimising waste, loss of time, resource and inconvenience to our customers.

Main report 

Review of feedback performance for Progress Housing Group during the period 01 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.

3.1 The overall number of complaints recorded during quarter 4 of 2017/18 has increased slightly from the previous two quarters. However the Group has achieved a 100% rate of responding to all complaints within target timescales, as was the case in quarter 3.




Quarter 1


Quarter 2


Quarter 3


Quarter 4


Allocations & Administration

0 (0%)

2 (3%)


0 (0%)


1 (1.5%)






Estate Services, Housing Management & Tenancy Management

0 (0%)

5 (7%)



4 (5.5%)



5 (6.5%)


Home Ownership & Leasehold Services

0 (0%)

1 (1.5%)



1 (1.5%)



2 (3%)






Tenant Rents & Service Charges

2 (3%)

2 (3%)


1 (1.5%)


0 (0%)


Repairs & Maintenance

53 (79%)

38 (57%)


38 (52%)


51 (66%)


Progress Connect, Control Centre, Lifeline & Scheduling

8 (12%)

16 (24%)




22 (30%)




14 (18 %)


Regeneration & Development

0 (0%)

0 (0%)



0 (0%)



0 (0%)


Housing & Support Services (Independent Living and Supported Living)

4 (6%)

3 (4.5%)





7 (9.5%)





4 (5%)
















Percentage responded to within target timescales







 3.2 Of the above complaints across the organisation, 10 related to members of staff, which forms 13% of all overall complaints. These have been included within the total number of complaints for their relevant department. By department these have been recorded as per the table below.


Number of complaints

Housing Management


Property Services


Contact Centre


Supported Living




3.4 Property Services have seen a large increase in the number of complaints they have received during quarter 4, compared to quarters 2 and 3. This can be largely attributed to a spike in the number of complaints within the Contracts Team, which have all related to Supported Living Properties. As a result of these complaints a number of issues have been highlighted which have led to certain measures already being introduced, or due to be introduced in the near future, to try and combat this and improve services. This is detailed later in this report in the section regarding how we have learnt from complaints.

3.5 The number of complaints we have received annually over the last three years has remained relatively steady. However as can be seen from the table below, the number of complaints responded to within target timescales dropped dramatically during 2016/17 with an annual average figure of 68%, falling short of expectations and targets. However, the average figure for this target area for 2017/ 2018 has shown a marked improvement with the annual average being 98.2%, and with a 100% result in this area for quarters 3 and 4 of this period. This puts Progress above the median value of 92.81% as reported by Housemark.


2014 / 2015

2015 / 2016

2016 / 2017

2017 / 2018

Number of complaints






Percentage responded to within target timescales

100 %

89 %

68.9 %

98.2 %

3.6 In quarter four of 2017/ 18 we have received 83 compliments, providing a significant increase from the previous three quarters. Over the course of 2017/18 we have received 201 compliments.

Year 2017/ 2018

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

No of Compliments





3.7 This quarter we have received 13 Member of Parliament (MP) enquiries. As with compliments these have not always been recorded previously on the Group’s IT system. As from this quarter there is a formal system in place for recording MP enquiries, which are now being monitored centrally through the Feedback process. These will continue to be reported on in future reports.

3.8 We have learnt from feedback in order to make changes and improvements to our processes and services. This has included the following:

1. Due to a large increase in the number of complaints received by the Contracts Team in relation to Supported Living properties, a number of improvements have been made or have been agreed in the near future. These include:-

- Awareness training will be delivered to sub-contractors delivering works to supported living schemes at future contractor meetings. This will focus on tenant vulnerabilities and considerations to be made when completing works at these properties.

- Improvements to the voids process for supported living schemes have been made. A process has been devised for Supported Living Housing Officers to follow when a property becomes void (empty), and training has been delivered to staff regarding this. A separate process for contractors to follow, including any works they undertake when a property is void has also been written, and training on this delivered to our contract surveyors.

- The process of managing planned works which involve decants (where the tenants must move out while the works are being completed) has been improved, with contingency plans in place. Where decants have had to be extended as a result of works overrunning, the contractors responsible have either been taken off the jobs or their contracts withdrawn.

- Training is to be provided to Contact Centre and Control Centre staff on repair priorities within Supported Living properties, vulnerabilities associated with these tenants, and advice on when to escalate issues. This will improve the service offered to tenants.

- A weekly report will be produced for all contracts surveyors who cover these properties in order to make them aware of planned repairs within these properties, so that they chase up any foreseen and actual delays. This will assist in preventing further complaints about work which has not been completed as scheduled.

2. As a result of complaints about cancelled, re-scheduled, and delayed appointments, the scheduling team have reviewed the process. This has involved leaving an appropriate amount of free time to accommodate emergencies. This has also improved the amount of appointments being able to be booked at first point of contact and enabled greater flexibility. This has led to a reduction in the number of re-arranged and cancelled appointments. Additionally, to prevent repairs from not being appointed leading to delays and subsequent complaints, the scheduling team now produce a daily report which highlights details of any unappointed orders, so that this can be proactively addressed.

3. Following complaints about call waiting times from customers who have contacted Progress Housing Group, an operational review has taken place. This has included the introduction of part time staff, as well as changes in rotas to ensure that we have sufficient numbers of staff at peak times. This, along with other operational changes have contributed to a significant reduction in both waiting times and abandoned calls.

4. During this quarter there has been a great deal of preparation for the new feedback and complaints policy and procedure which came into effect from 1st April 2018. This has taken the Group’s complaints process from a three stage process to a two stage process, with the two stages being Early Resolution (or Formal in the case of staff complaints), and Review. The emphasis of the new process is on good communication, reaching an early resolution, and listening to the needs of our customers. This is designed to improve how we deal with complaints, with the focus on the outcome and a satisfactory resolution, rather than on an inflexible procedure. A system of continuous learning has also been built into the process with a “lessons learnt” action to be completed by managers dealing with complaints where appropriate. This is to ensure that we continue to learn from feedback, and make changes and improvements where appropriate.