Our Boards ensure that we deliver a well-managed organisation, set our strategic direction and monitor the delivery of the Group's priorities.

Progress Housing Group Limited is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority number: 28685R (PHG).  The Registered Office for PHG and all of its subsidiary companies is Sumner House, 21 King Street, Leyland, Lancashire, PR25 2LW. 

PHG and all of its subsidiary companies are registered in England and Wales. 

The Group includes the following subsidiary companies: 

  • New Progress Housing Association Limited (Community Benefit Society 27792R); 
  • Progress Care Housing Association Limited (Community Benefit Society 28761R); 
  • New Fylde Housing Limited (Community Benefit Society 30658R); 
  • Key Unlocking Futures Limited (Company No 8699413, Charity No 1154772); 
  • Concert Living Limited (Company No 10715090)  

The community benefit societies in the Group (including PHG) are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing.

The Group also uses the following trading names: Progress Lifeline; Progress Living.
VAT registration number 712 6635 46.

As a Group, we operate within a virtual collapsed structure. This means that although we have a number of smaller Registered Providers (housing associations) that sit under the Group – New Progress Housing Association (NPHA), New Fylde Housing (NFH) and Progress Care Housing Association (PCHA) – we operate as one. Our Group Business Plan and value for money activities reflect this approach. Key Unlocking Futures joined the Group as a subsidiary on January 1 2014.

This structure provides a clear separation between the elements regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing and other non-regulated elements of the Group’s work, and so meeting regulatory expectation to protect social housing assets.

The Board ensures effective governance through a range of mechanisms such as compliance with the National Housing Federation Code of Governance (our adopted code), undertaking a reviews of compliance against regulatory objectives, ensuring that value for money is embedded in our approach to service delivery and ensuring that regular reviews of our rules and standing orders are undertaken so ensuring they are fit for purpose.

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