Our basic principles also apply to board reports. Additional guidelines in this section also apply.

Word count

Board reports should be as concise as possible. Aim to limit your report to six A4 sides in total; only exceed this limit in exceptional circumstances.


Board reports must be produced using the corporate board report template. A sample board report has been created to demonstrate the corporate format and the information required in each section.


Only include if necessary. If you do add any appendices, highlight the key points of the appended document(s) in the main body of the board report.

Bullet points

Do not use bullet points in board reports. Use numbered lists in place of bullet points. Make sure that the points are consistent in style and that they all follow grammatically from what comes before them. Try to keep the points short, and avoid using more than one level of points. If the points all finish a sentence, use a colon before them.

Executive summary

The executive summary section of the report should be used to give an overview of the main report. Its purpose is to help board members understand the critical points of the report without having to read it all. It will usually contain a brief statement of the issue or proposal covered in the main report, background information, concise analysis and main conclusions. Its purpose is as an aid to decision making.

The executive summary should consist of no more than five brief statements.