Progress Housing Group

After the first mention it is acceptable to refer to it as ‘the Group’ or ‘PHG’. Please note that Progress Housing Group should not be referred to as ‘the Progress Housing Group’.


The former subsidiaries, New Progress Housing Association, Progress Care Housing Association, and New Fylde Housing, should not be used under any circumstances.

Only use Progress Housing Association and Reside Housing Association in a legal context such as a tenancy agreement, rent statement, or letterhead.

The Group’s other subsidiaries are:

Concert Living

(trades as Concert Homes from May 22)

Key Unlocking Futures

After the first mention, it is acceptable to abbreviate Key Unlocking Futures to ‘Key’.

Our other brand names

Progress Lifeline

Progress Lifeline should always be written as two words and should never be referred to as ‘Lifeline’.

Progress Living

Do not refer to Progress Living as Key Worker Accommodation or KWA. Do not abbreviate Progress Living to 'Living'.

Concert Living 

Do not abbreviate Concert Living to 'Living'.

RWP (Reside With Progress)

This is the trading name for Progress Housing Association and Reside Housing Association’s combined supported living provision.

Micro brands

The Group also has some ‘micro brands’ such as Progress Futures, today@Progress, WORKSAFE, Progress Together, or those used for a limited time to brand a project such as Furniture Futures or Customer First.

Use of names in a legal context

Our brand names do not include the word ‘limited’; however, our legal, registered company names do.

For example:

Brand name – Progress Housing Group

Company name – Progress Housing Group Limited

Unless using the company names in a legal context (for example, in a tenancy agreement or contract), the word ‘limited’ should not be used at the end of any of our brand names.

Please note that legal terminology will not always follow our house style. If you are unsure about the correct terminology to use in a legal document, please speak to a member of the Legal Team.