The Community Investment Fund was set up in 2009 with a budget of £1.5 million to invest in projects and activities to improve our communities.

The fund is managed by a panel made up of tenants and board members who decide how the money is spent to make sure that it has the greatest impact for our tenants.

If you are involved with a local community project or have a great idea that you think would benefit your neighbourhood then let us know. We may be able to help you with funding or resources as well as advice on how to get started.

What sort of projects can the Community Investment Fund help with?

  • Training and skills development - training to encourage volunteering or people’s employment prospects
  • Tenant involvement – involvement activities such as tenant inspections and estate walkabouts
  • Encouraging volunteering - the general quality of life of our neighbourhoods can be enhanced and improved by the work of volunteers
  • Improving the quality of life for residents in a particular area - clean-up days, sports events, galas or fairs or alternatively, bids may be related to enhancing community buildings or facilities
  • Activities for young people – opportunities in the performing arts or in developing volunteering and active citizenship via youth forums to give young people a positive outlet for their energy
  • Improving the physical environment - this might involve improving the aesthetics of an area, for example creating a communal garden
  • Energy efficiency - this might include offering advice on ways to improve energy efficiency in the home, saving residents’ money
  • Promoting financial help – improving campaigns related to financial products so that all residents are aware of the financial help and assistance available to them

What have we achieved so far?

We have achieved a lot of things since we set up the fund but some of our recent highlights include:

  • Youth projects in our community centres in South Ribble and Fylde
  • Funds to set up a social club for supported living customers in Blackburn and Darwen
  • Projects with the National Citizen Service across South Ribble and Fylde
  • Supporting Burneside Resident Association with the community flood plan and defibrillator projects
  • Community garden project

We still have much more to achieve.

How to apply for funding?

If you are involved with a local community project or have a great idea that you think would benefit tenants and their neighbourhoods then we would love to hear from you.

We offer training and advice to individuals, community groups and partner organisations so that we can assist them in sourcing funding for their projects.

For advice getting started or if you have any further questions, please contact our Progress Involvement Team.

How to join the Community Investment panel?

If you want to get involved then please contact our Progress Involvement Team.