We are seeking the views of tenants on the changes we are proposing to make within Progress Housing Group.

Your landlord currently forms part of Progress Housing Group (Progress). However we are proposing to streamline the Group’s operations by bringing together the three housing associations; Progress Care Housing Association (PCHA), New Progress Housing Association (NPHA) and New Fylde Housing (NFH) to become a single charitable housing association called Progress Housing Association Limited (PHAL).

In order for this to happen, PCHA and NFH would need to transfer their housing stock and other assets to NPHA which would then be renamed and become Progress Housing Association Limited (PHAL), who would then be your new landlord.

As a tenant you are entitled to be consulted on this proposal. We are holding tenant consultation events over the coming weeks.

Events are taking place on:

  • 21 November 17, 12 noon or 6pm – Warwick House, Kilnhouse Lane, FY8 3DU
  • 27 November 17, The Place community centre, 2pm or 6pm 73 Royal Avenue, Wade Hall, PR25 1BX
  • 28 November, Live Facebook Question & Answer session at 12 noon-1.30pm.

You can also give us your feedback via email to community@progressgroup.org.uk or phone us on 03333 204555.

Please let us have your comments by 29 December 2017.

Your questions answered. . .

Why should we transfer the housing stock?

Our plan is to simplify the Progress Housing Group structure so that in the future there would be one main housing association in the Group. By streamlining our governance arrangements we would be able to make our internal processes and decision making more straightforward and more cost efficient.

You would see no real change as a result of the proposed transfer, the legal status and your rights as a tenant will remain the same, as will the services you receive.

Who will be my landlord?

If this proposal goes ahead, Progress Housing Association Limited would become your landlord but this would not result in any changes to your tenancy agreement / lease. You would not be asked to sign a new agreement as a result of the transfer.

What effect will it have on you and your rights as a tenant?

  • There will be no change to:
  • The legal status of your tenancy
  • Your rights as a tenant
  • Any rent or service charge you pay. There may be differences in the way in which you make payments of rent and service charge (i.e. change of bank details, for example) but
  • if the transfer goes ahead we will update you further
  • The staff who manage your property
  • The services that you receive.

Which office can I visit?

You will be still be able to visit your local office as normal.

What would happen to the Housing Benefit or Universal Credit I currently receive?

If you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, the transfer to PHAL will have no impact on your entitlements. We will be informing your local council of the proposed transfer on your

What would happen to my direct debt/ standing order I currently pay?

We will contact you again if the transfer goes ahead with more details.