Celebrating diversity in our communities

As part of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion work we have established a sub group looking at community groups and customers. This group aims to understand the make-up of our customers and create firm links with community groups that can help us to understand the needs of minority groups better.

The sub group is also networking with groups and organisations who have a good reputation for their approach to equality, diversity and inclusion to see what best practice can be introduced across the Group.

Cultural events/awareness raising

We provide a calendar of activities and events to promote understanding and raise awareness, these are promoted on the website. This has included events the following subjects:

  • Video from Double R Arts youth group promoting Cultural Awareness Day
  • Video from Double R Arts youth group promoting language barriers
  • Video from Double R Arts youth group promoting Zero Discrimination Day
  • Video from Double R Arts youth group promoting Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • Video from Double R Arts youth group promoting LGBT History month
  • Autism Awareness week
  • Learning Disability week
  • Progress Community Champion Awards
  • Soup Dragon Den
  • Progress in Bloom
  • Sunflower growing
  • Easter craft activity
  • Christmas craft activity
  • Hate crime awareness sessions – Disability Equality NW Ltd
  • Deaf Awareness training – Disability Equality NW ltd
  • Cultural exchange event

We have a number of forum groups specialising our aim is to be as inclusive as possible to promote the opportunity for all customers and tenants to have their voice heard.  This includes separate sessions for our independent living and supported living tenants.

Supported living involvement

We hold a monthly information session for our supported living tenants, looking at different areas of their home and tenancy.  These sessions provide information in an interactive and easy to understand way.  The group of tenants currently meet using Zoom, which has developed a virtual community whilst helping to develop digital skills and confidence.

Areas covered by this group have included:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • White goods and furniture
  • Garden volunteers
  • Health and safety


Sponsoring the Typhoons Inclusive Rugby Team 

We are proud to support Lancashire’s first inclusive rugby club. 

Stop Social Housing Stigma

We are a founder supporter of Stop Social Housing Stigma, a national tenant led campaign which was established in 2017 to help smash the stereotype publicity around social housing.  We continue to actively support the campaign, promoting the value and benefit our tenants and customers bring to our communities.

Social inclusion

Our Progress Futures service works to enhance opportunities, build capacity, and provide access to resources and support for those people who are particularly disadvantaged or vulnerable. 

Accessible communications

We are committed to ensuring information for our customers is accessible to all. Some of our initiatives include:


Where possible, we are working towards offering the following versions of tenant information:


  • EasyRead
  • Large print
  • Audio
  • Explainer videos with BSL
  • Braille

We have worked with the Shaw Trust to ensure our websites are accessible compliant, and where possible, offer enhanced accessibility.