Our Contract Management Framework has been developed to aid in the implementation of a Contract Management Standard across all Group business areas. It will ensure we are proactive, compliant, efficient and effective in the management of the performance of our contracts and that desired outcomes and intended benefits are delivered over the term of any one agreement. The Framework follows an 8 stage lifecycle plan each dealing with a specific area in the procurement and delivery of goods and services and provides guidance and support for contract management processes.

Impact plan

The Impact Plan has been developed to act as a tool on how we work with our suppliers on improving the economic, social and environmental well-being of the relevant areas and residents this contract serves.

The Impact Plan covers four key themes to be embedded across the organisation:

  • Equality Diversity Inclusion – Focus is on the three public sector duties
  • Environmental Sustainability – Focus is on reducing waste, emissions and offsetting emissions.
  • Economic Wellbeing – Focus on local jobs and employment initiatives, improved skills and wellbeing.
  • Social Wellbeing – Focus on improving health and wellbeing, supporting disadvantaged groups.

Suppliers will be asked as part of the tendering process to complete an Impact Plan including any initiatives their business is implementing or will commit to during the contract term in relation to the four key themes. This agreed Impact Plan will form part of the Contract and will be monitored as part of the ongoing management of the supplier.