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The Group’s Roots Network was founded in 2021 by colleagues to promote equality, and issues that affect black and minority ethnic people. 

"I think that visible diversity is important, however, having colleagues that actively consider diversity in all they do and do whatever they can to promote racial harmony, is fantastic." -  Tola Adesemowo, Head of Operations (Income and Communities), and Roots Network member.

The Roots Network is a group of Progress Housing Group colleagues that come together to celebrate and promote diversity and raise awareness of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic issues. 

The members of the Roots Network are passionate about promoting equality, and issues that affect black and minority ethnic people. Some of us are from a black and minority ethnic background and some of us are allies. Allies are people that are interested in and promote and support black and minority ethnic issues.

"We are not experts, we are learning all the time from each other." - The Roots Network at Progress Housing Group

Our Roots Network members will:

• Raise awareness of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic issues – be ambassadors
• Affect strategic change
• Influence policy
• Influence communication and marketing – encourage a diverse approach and diversity of people
• Celebrate and promote diversity
• Identify learning for individuals and the organisation
• Create a safe space to speak about issues that are affecting us
• Be role models.

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Want to know more about the Roots Network?

The network is open to all colleagues, and if you’d like to find out more about being part of the group and when the next meetings are taking place, please visit the network page on the intranet.