Start date

September 2019

Background and experience

Kylie is a senior human resources professional with experience working in complex sectors in private, public and charity environments.

In her previous roles, Kylie attended board meetings and presented to a range of committees. She has previously held a Non-Executive Director roles in Australia, supporting education, sports and rural communities

As a senior manager of a specialist employment charity for disadvantaged and disabled people, Kylie managed policy change within the business, supporting the open and closure of projects and contracts over the UK. During Personalisation trials she worked with local authorities to support transition to new social care models and actively managed operational change within a 1200 employee strong national charity to meet service user needs.

As senior leader, Kylie has been responsible for business planning for a range of organisations from small social enterprises to large national entities. She has designed and implemented performance management systems that have spanned, public and charity environments, with a view to the achievement of strategic business objectives.


Kylie’s skills include governance, change management, strategic leadership and performance management.

Personal interests

Kylie enjoys an outdoor adventure with her husband and four boys, cooking up a storm and a good glass of wine.