One of the advantages of using our Citrix environment is that you recieve the same user experience from any device, be that your desktop VDI terminal, a tablet device or home PC. The following information outlines how to install the Citrix receiver on your home PC in order to access your work environment if working from home.

We you encourage you to try to install the Citrix receiver using this guide in the first instance. However if you encounter any problems please contact the IT servicedesk in the usual manner.

Using your internet browser type into the address bar and you will see the screen below. (Please note version number may vary but the installation procedure follows the same principles outline in this article.)


Click the blue bar saying Download Receiver, the text will vary on which operating system you are using. Depending on your browser you will be asked to Run or Save the program and once downloaded you should get the option to Run the installer.


Click and Run the installer, you will get the following screen. Press NEXT


Select Accept the licence agreement and press Install.


The next screen should be enter your work address – type in the box and press NEXT


Enter your network username and Password and press Log On


You will be asked to make the changes to Progress, select Yes


You should get the next screen saying everything has been completed.


This will install Citrix Receiver onto your start menu. You will use this to access the network remotely in the future. When you open Citrix Receiver you will see an icon for your Desktop, typically called Sumner_Desktop as below.


When you click this link your desktop will load, you will log into the same desktop that you use at work. If you have any problems contact the helpdesk on extension 3656 or dialling 01772 450656.