Please ensure you input your Extension number and password.

PLEASE NOTE – Check if the user has the headset connected or not, if yes then disconnect the USB and only plug back in once the software has been configured.

PLEASE NOTE – This doesn’t apply to Progress Connect Staff

Soft Phone1

Soft Phone2

Soft Phone3

Soft Phone4

If you are working from home its best to have a headset connected when configuring the computer/vdi and then making sure that the hardware is selected in the following screen:

Soft Phone5 

Once the above has been setup the user can then insert the USB headset and click allow earphone and allow microphone

Soft Phone6

To show dial pad click the option as per circled in red

Soft Phone7

Now click the cog (top right)

View and make sure View Line Display is ticked also.

Once done please test by calling the user back on their phone extension