To reach your audience, you need to make effective use of accessible communication formats (also known as alternative or accessible formats).

The Equality Act 2010 also requires that providers of services ensure that information is inclusive and accessible.

The Group follows the guidelines on providing accessible communications.

Where possible and practical to do so, aim to provide information for all tenancy types as standard in the following formats:

•  Plain language
•  Easy Read (pictorial)
•  Large print

We will endeavour to accommodate where practical the provision of information in the following formats on request:

•  Audio
•  Subtitled video
•  Makaton
•  Braille
•  Yellow, pink or blue paper
•  Other languages

We also offer BSL signing and interpretation services.

If you are producing communications, involve the intended audience, such as tenants or people with disabilities, in developing and reviewing information in accessible formats. You can also approach disability organisations for advice.

Please note communications that are time sensitive may need to be provided in standard format.

The Marketing and Communications Team can provide guidance on accessible formats.

People who are partially sighted or blind

The RNIB offers information and advice on making publications accessible.

People who are deaf or hard of hearing

Action on Hearing Loss offers advice and factsheets on producing information for deaf and hard of hearing people and the best language for writing for deaf people.

People with a learning disability

People with a learning disability face extra challenges in getting the information they need, and changing the way information is written and presented can make it easier for everyone to understand. Many people find reading difficult so information in audio format might be best, but if you have to provide written material there are ways to make it easier to understand (Easy Read), such as by using simplified language and pictures.

Mencap provides advice on how information can be made more accessible in two publications, ‘Am I making myself clear?’ and ‘Making your website accessible for people with learning disabilities’. You can download these from the Mencap website.