Reproducing text

Text should never be copied directly from another source (eg a book, journal, report, website) without making reference to its source.

Reproducing images from websites

Photographs or illustrations copied from websites should not be used in any circumstances, unless you have gained written permission from the source.


Copying and sharing images and content from media websites and titles 

What we are not permitted to share:

Under copyright laws, we are not permitted to: 

  • Copy or save media coverage to personal or shared drives
  • Photocopy and/or share media coverage internally or externally (with the exception of the original printed newspaper cutting) 
  • Print and/or share media coverage from the internet internally or externally (including notice boards)
  • Take a photo of coverage and share it digitally or physically 
  • Share news articles or links to news articles via email to people outside of the organisation
  • Embed links to articles in reports or tenders and share with internal and external colleagues, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders.
These rules apply to digital and print media content including headlines, body copy and images/photos shared either internally with colleagues or externally with tenants, customers, partners or in the public domain. 
What we are permitted to share:
We are permitted to share a URL link to the media coverage:

  • Internally on our intranet
  • Internally in an email to colleagues
  • Externally in a blog post or article on our website
  • In a tweet or other social media post as long as the post does not contain any quotes, directly copied text or images from the article.
Can we still shout about our achievements if we are mentioned in the media?
Yes, of course! If we are featured in the media, for example, in a news article in the Lancashire Post, or The Guardian – we can still let people know. We just need to make sure we do it in the right way so that we don’t breach copyright laws and incur a fine.
The guidance we've received on sharing and copying media coverage and complying with copyright law from NLA Media Access, the licensing body operating on behalf of the UK's newspapers and magazine publishers, is complex. Before sharing media coverage, please contact the Marketing and Communications Team for guidance.