Tenancy types

The Group has several tenancy types, for example, general needs, independent living and supported living. Tenancy types and related services should be lower case and not capitalised unless they start the sentence. Progress Living, Progress Lifeline, and Concert Homes should be capitalised as brand names.

When to use tenant, resident, and customer

We have consulted tenants on how they identify as a customer.

Preferences are:

Use of the term tenant

When referring to a person or a group of people that hold a current tenancy, they should be referred to as a tenant rather than a customer.

Use of the term resident (in the context of community-wide)

The key distinction between 'resident' and 'tenant' is that the term resident includes everyone living in a particular area (not just those with a tenancy agreement with us).

Use of the term customer

The term 'customer' should only refer to a group of people who are not exclusively tenants (for example, Progress Lifeline customers, private residents, applicants on the housing register).