The Group comprises six business streams that deliver housing and related services to six distinct customer groups with specific and different needs.

There is some overlap, where a tenant may also be a customer who accesses non-housing related services.

For example, a general needs tenant accessing Key Unlocking Futures or Progress Lifeline services.  

  1. Progress Housing Group - general needs housing, housing for older people, including extra care and independent living, shared owners and leaseholders (known internally only and operationally as Progress Homes). 

  2. RWP - supported living accommodation, primarily for people with a learning disability or autism. - Read RWP brand guidelines.

  3. Progress Lifeline - technology-enabled care services. - Read Progress Lifeline brand guidelines.

  4. Progress Living - keyworker accommodation. - contact Key for brand guidelines. 

  5. Concert Homes - a property company that develops houses for market sale. - contact Concert Homes for brand guidelines. 

  6. Key Unlocking Futures - a specialist charity providing support to young people, single people and families, and supported housing (homelessness accommodation and women’s refuges) - contact Key for brand guidelines. 


Our service delivery and support teams support the six business streams.

Service delivery teams include the Development Team, Progress Futures Team, Property Services Team, Group Customer Experience, encompassing the Group Customer Contact Team (formerly Progress Connect), Group Customer Feedback Team, and Group Customer Voice Team (formerly Progress Involvement). 

Support teams include Marketing and Communications, Digital Services, People, Finance, Governance, PAs, Business Assurance, and Health and Safety.

Brand names

Progress Housing Group

After the first mention, it is acceptable to refer to Progress Housing Group as 'the Group'. Do not refer to Progress Housing Group as 'the Progress Housing Group' or 'PHG' externally. Do not use Progress Housing Association externally.


Should always be written or spoken as an initialism only - not Reside With Progress. Do not abbreviate to Reside or use Reside Housing Association externally. 

Progress Living

Do not abbreviate Progress Living to 'Living'. Do not refer to Progress Living as KWA externally.

Progress Lifeline

Do not abbreviate it to 'Lifeline'.  

Concert Homes

Do not abbreviate it to 'Concert'. Only use Concert Living in a legal context.

Key Unlocking Futures

After the first mention, it is acceptable to abbreviate Key Unlocking Futures to ‘Key’.

Progress Homes

Progress Homes is the operational name for our general needs housing, housing for older people, and homeowners. It should not be used externally.

Micro brands

The Group also has some external and internal ‘micro brands’ such as Progress Futures, today@Progress, Progress Together, or those used for a limited time to brand a project such as Furniture Futures or Customer First. 

Progress Futures 

Do not abbreviate it to 'Futures’ or use Progress Futures Team. 


Service Delivery Teams

Property Services 

It should not be used externally without the Group context and ‘Team’ suffix. E.g. Group’s Property Service Team, Progress Housing Group’s Property Service Team, our Property Services Team (when speaking on behalf of the Group). 


It should not be used externally without the Group context. E.g. Development Team, Progress Housing Group’s Development Team, our Development Team (when speaking on behalf of the Group). 

Subsidiary companies

The former subsidiaries, New Progress Housing Association Limited, Progress Care Housing Association Limited, and New Fylde Housing Limited should not be used under any circumstances. 

Only use Progress Housing Association Limited, Reside Housing Association Limited and Concert Living Limited in a legal context.

Use of brand names in a legal context

Our brand names do not include 'limited'; however, our legal, registered company names do.

For example:

Brand and trading name – Progress Housing Group

Company name – Progress Housing Group Limited

Unless using the company names in a legal context (for example, in a tenancy agreement or contract), do not include the word 'limited' at the end of our brand names.

Please note that legal terminology will not always follow our house style. If you are unsure about the correct language to use in a legal document, please speak to a member of the Legal Team.

Read more about trading statements.

Website address

The Progress Housing Group website is It is always written in lower case, even at the beginning of a sentence. It should never be written with the 'HTTP://' prefix.