Our Scrutiny Pool, the newly renamed Tenants' Voice - Improving Services, is a group made up of tenants from across Progress Housing Group. It completes reviews on different areas of the organisation to identify what we do well and make recommendations for improvements in areas where we could do better.

Members undertake a range of activities including surveys, call listening and interviews with Group employees. Members then meet with employees to discuss their findings and produce action plans to implement their recommendations.

To find out more about our Tenants' Voice group, including how to join or make a suggestion for a service review, please contact our Progress Involvement Team.

Copies of previous minutes from the Scrutiny Pool are available upon request from the Progress Involvement Team.

Since the review was carried out we have introduced four of the six recommendations. 

The recommendations have been included in the new annual visit form.  We started to use the new form in November 2020 and are seeing the benefits of it.

The final two recommendations are due to be completed by the end of December 2021 and include a new “Get Involved” leaflet and a new tenant’s handbook for our supported living tenants.

Read our report here.

Whilst carrying out the review of the compliments and complaints process, the Scrutiny Pool also looked at the Compensation, Good will and Sundry Payment policy.

The Scrutiny Pool made three recommendations which have been included when re-writing the policy.

All three of the recommendations have been actioned and the Scrutiny Pool has signed off the review as complete.


Read our report here.

The Scrutiny Pool carried out a review of the grounds maintenance communication during the Summer of 2020.  Due to COVID restrictions this was carried out entirely on Zoom.

The Scrutiny Pool made five recommendations.  Two of the recommendations are now complete, with the other three due to be finished by end December 2021.

Read our report here.

In July 2019 the Scrutiny Pool chose to carry out an assurance review of the complaints and feedback process following the introduction of a new policy and procedure in April 2018.  The review was completed in December 2019 with five recommendations being made.

Since the completion of the review the Ombudsman has introduced a new code of practice.  This has led to further amendments being made to our policy and procedure to make sure it meets the requirements of the new code.

Six of the seven recommendations made by the Scrutiny Pool have been fully implemented.  It is hoped the final recommendation will be completed by December 2021.


Read our report here.

The Scrutiny Pool has now completed the review of customer engagement.  This has been a much bigger review than normal so has taken longer to complete.

The Scrutiny Pool has used the National Housing Federations “Together with Tenants” charter as a basis and scored our approach to customer engagement against this.

The Scrutiny Pool found that we met all the criteria set out in the “Together with Tenants” charter and made 18 recommendations.

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