We are delighted to have a group of tenants who volunteer their time to look at the services we provide from a tenant's perspective.

The Tenants' Voice - Improving Services group carries out a vital role to make sure:

They have helped us create this annual report to help others understand what they do and what they have achieved over the past year.

Here is what they have told us:

Part of our role involves looking at specific services and making recommendations on how these can be improved for tenants.

Julie, one of our volunteer tenants, explains more about why she gets involved.

I feel it is important to be an involved tenant for numerous reasons. It helps to understand how the organisation makes decisions and puts faces to names. A tenant’s perspective can be quite different from an employer’s, so hopefully, input from both parties is beneficial. “It is also an enjoyable experience, keeps the brain active, and gives you a sense of purpose. I have seen changes made from involved tenants’ recommendations which makes you feel valued. I certainly would recommend more people to get involved. Julie, tenant


The group also explains more about getting involved:

Who is involved? 

Any tenant can join the Tenants’ Voice – Improving Services group. We will provide support and training for anyone interested.  

We also provide support from an independent mentor, Jayne Boote. She helps us by providing guidance and support when carrying out reviews and making sure:

  • The right questions are asked
  • The right information is provided 
  • Recommendations will have a positive impact on tenants and the service. 

Jayne highlights the importance of independent tenant scrutiny activity:


Progress Housing Group has always been strongly committed to providing independent support for tenants undertaking scrutiny. The benefit of this is that tenants can choose the scrutiny topics, scope out reviews, select scrutiny methods, and produce a report of their findings. The Board welcomes this approach as it provides valuable insight from tenants on how Progress is performing, particularly with regard to tenant services. Jayne Boote, Independent Mentor



Making a difference

Read our scrutiny reviews of customer engagement, electrical testing and scrutiny activity below.


What we are doing next

Over the next year we will be carrying out a scrutiny review of reporting out of hour repairs and community safety.

For us, getting involved in scrutiny activity is really valuable, as we can see the difference we are making make for all our fellow tenants.


If you want to find out more

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Tenants’ Voice – Improving Services group, including how you can get involved or suggest a service for a scrutiny review, please contact Diane from the Progress Involvement Team at community@progressgroup.org.uk or phone 01772 450669.



Customer engagement review

Using the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants Charter, we reviewed the customer engagement offer.

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Electrical testing review

We looked at the convenience and understanding of the electrical testing process.

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Scrutiny activity review

We reviewed the Group’s scrutiny activity to ensure it provided effective scrutiny activity enabling tenants to have their voice heard.

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