TikTok arrives at a Progress Housing Group independent living scheme in Leyland!

The lockdown has been challenging for many of our independent living tenants. For some, not being able to get out and move around as much has had a knock-on effect; causing stiff joints and low morale.

On hearing this, one of the Group's independent living co-ordinators, Jacci, came together with a group of tenants and arranged the 'doorstep movers and groovers' group!

Meeting on a Tuesday morning from their doorsteps at Jubilee Court (a Progress Housing Group independent living scheme for over 55s in Leyland) the tenants have enjoyed exercising and performing safe and easy movements to music.

Those tenants who are more mobile have moved around the courtyard whilst also keeping a safe distance apart, and others have joined in by completing the movements while sitting down and enjoying the company and the fresh air.

Denise, a tenant of Jubilee Court, said, “I have very poor mobility and find it difficult to exercise but our independent living co-ordinator, Jacci, came up with this doorstep movement group! It's fun and gets us moving around and enjoying a laugh with the other tenants at a safe distance; it has made a great difference to my week.”

Zena, another mover and groover, said, “I have really enjoyed the Tuesday morning doorstep movement group, it gets us outside and moving about together at a distance, and we all have a great laugh. It is nice to see the others, and Jacci keeps us moving.”

Jacci Hutchinson, Progress Housing Group's Independent Living Co-ordinator, commented, “During the lockdown, a lot of our tenants have been struggling with stiff joints due to lack of walking and getting out. Upon hearing this, I came up with the doorstep movement group.

"It's safe, fun, and helps with stiff joints, isolation, and morale. The tenants have enjoyed it and we have also had doorstep picnics and a sweet treat now and again! Not to mention the amount of laughter we have all had!"

Another Jubilee Court tenant, Dorothy, said of the doorstep movement group, “It's fun, relaxing and it keeps me moving. It’s very nice to join in and enjoy the fresh air and the company with a very friendly and welcoming group. I really look forward to my Tuesday mornings.”

Our movers and groovers sent us this video below of the group learning a popular TikTok routine from one of their doorstep sessions!