Last updated 20 March 2020

It’s an understatement to say that the last two weeks have been extraordinarily difficult for the world. As partners and stakeholders of Progress Housing Group,  we’d like to let you know how we’ve been responding to (and will continue to as the situation evolves) the crisis, and what measures we’ve so far put in place to protect and support our tenants and our staff, and continue our essential services.

For tenants

As a not-for-profit organisation rooted in the community, Progress Housing Group are committed to supporting our residents who are affected by coronavirus. We have published a dedicated page on our website where our customers can find out up to date information from us about how our services may be affected by Covid-19, which is currently being updated daily.


At the moment, essential services continue where possible. Over the coming weeks, we will be making further important decisions about our services. For example, in relation to repairs, we are already restricting access to households that are self-isolating.

If the disease continues to spread we will need to consider further restrictions, such as cutting back on planned maintenance and restricting the range of day to day repairs being carried out.


As a Group, we are following all the advice provided by Public Health England, NHS and the World Health Organisation (WHO). For many services which are capable of being delivered in an agile manner, employees will be able to work from home and further equipment has been sourced to enable more employees to work in that way.

Our critical services, such as Progress Lifeline, continued to be staffed as a priority. Your direct contacts within the Group will continue to keep you informed with any adaptations to services that we may have to implement within this period, and of any decisions that we may take that may have an impact on our work with our partners and stakeholders.

Within the Group, and amongst our partners, we’ve seen so many examples this week of working together to support and help each other. And we look forward to continuing working together with you after this time of crisis and uncertainty has passed.