When you are thinking of moving house it's really important to know if you will have enough money to pay the rent, bills, council tax and living costs.

You can do this using our budget calculator calculator below.

The budget calculator is also a great tool for people who are wanting to save some money.

Why budget?

  • Take control of your money – know your income and what you have left over
  • See where you may be spending too much or wasting money
  • Stay focused on your money matters
  • Save for expected and unexpected costs
  • Plan to pay off debts
  • Communicate with other people about the state of your finances.

Who should budget?

Budgeting is ideal for:

  • Checking to see if you can afford to move home
  • Knowing if you can afford to buy something which costs a lot of money
  • Making the most of your money
  • Being more prepared for unexpected bills or expenses
  • Trying to reduce debt
  • Saving up
  • Planning to retire early.

How do I budget?

Download our financial health check budget calculator. All you need to do is input your income (your wages or any benefits you receive) and your outgoings (rent, bills, council tax and living costs).


You can download an interactive financial health check budget calculator by clicking here. Completed on your computer or laptop, this will calculate your budget for you.

You can download a printable version of the financial health check budget calculator by clicking here.

You could also try using the entitled to budget calculator which is a fantastic online tool.

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