During the first week your scheme manager will visit you to welcome you to your new home, and tell you everything you need to know about living in independent living accommodation.

The scheme manager will explain:

  • The facilities available within the scheme
  • How to use the laundry facilities provided
  • How to use any keys supplied
  • Any health and safety procedures
  • What to do in the case of a fire
  • How to check equipment, such as the alarm and pendant
  • Our service standards and help with any queries or complaint

What is a scheme manager, and what do they do?

Every independent living scheme has a scheme manager who works either part-time or full-time. The manager is there to ensure the safety and well being of residents and to provide a link with doctors, families, friends, housing teams, and any other support services needed.

The scheme manager will keep in contact with you, according to your preference, either by personal visit or via the intercom system. If an emergency arises and the manager is not available, the call will transfer to our 24-hour Control Centre where a member of staff will summon assistance.

Some scheme managers live on site, but residents should respect their privacy when they
are off duty.

You can expect the following service from your scheme manager:

  • A call, according to your preference, either by personal visit or intercom (there is a minimum level of service that will be explained to you)
  • Response to emergencies within working hours and liaison with appropriate agencies
  • Equipment checks
  • Keeping your personal data up-to-date through support plans
  • Assistance to organise social activities
  • Individual support plan and risk assessment to assess your needs, within a month of you moving in.

What can’t the scheme manager do?

Your scheme manager will do lots of things for you personally, and for the scheme, but they cannot:

  • Change dressings or give medication of any kind (such as administer drugs or help with eye or ear drops)
  • Cook meals or do your shopping
  • Bank your money or pay your bills.

If you have any questions about moving in or the role of your scheme manager then they would be more than happy to help.

Alternatively you can find out more by contacting us.