Water Droplet BlueSometimes when tenants or their representatives report damp in their properties the problem is actually caused by condensation.

This happens when moisture in the air comes into contact with a cold surface like a windowpane or cold wall.

Evidence of condensation usually shows itself as black spots of mould on walls or other surfaces. 

The trick is to minimise moist air in the property by keeping it warm and well-aired.

In most cases taking some simple measures can prevent condensation problems:

  • Where fitted, use the extractor fan to remove steam from the bathroom or kitchen
  • Open windows in the kitchen and bathroom to remove moisture from the air when cooking or bathing
  • Keep the bathroom door shut when a bath or shower is being taken
  • Cover saucepans when cooking and open the kitchen window
  • Wipe down windows and surfaces that have condensation on them
  • Keep the property warm and well ventilated at all times
  • Make sure shower cubicle doors are shut when someone is taking a shower
  • Make sure shower curtains are tucked within the bath or shower tray when the shower is being used
  • Do not dry wet clothes by draping them over radiators or a clothes horse
  • Do not stand large, heavy furniture against the cold, outside walls of rooms
  • Do not have fitted wardrobes installed along the cold, outside walls of rooms.

What if I have damp?

Damp Patch BlueIf you have damp then you might notice wet patches on your walls.

This will look like a darker patch on your wallpaper or paint and might feel wet when you touch it.

You might also get dark marks appearing on your walls which look like mould.

Nose GreenIf your rooms smell musty or stale then you might also have damp.

If you think that you have damp then please report a repair on 0345 241 6041.