FireplaceAll of our homes have gas appliances.

Morgan Sindall Property Services will service these once a year to make sure they are safe.

We have to do this by law.

Before we carry out a gas safety check we will let you know when we will be coming round.

Why are the checks important?

We do these checks to keep you safe.

Flame PinkThings that use gas that are faulty can cause fires or leak gas which is dangerous.

Do not worry because they will be safe so long as we can check them.

How long will it take?

Time BlueThe checks take 30-45 minutes per appliance.


Having a friend or support worker with you

Friend GreenIf you have a support worker or want a family member or friend to be there when your gas service is carried out then please let us know.

That way we can arrange for Morgan Sindall to come when they will be there with you.

Telephone YellowFor more information please talk to your supported housing officer or contact us by calling 0345 241 6041.

If you discover a gas leak:

  • Turn off the gas mains stop tap
  • Turn off or remove all sources of ignition in a safe manner
  • Do not turn electrical lights or switches 'on' or 'off'; just leave them
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation
  • Phone the National Grid on 0800 111 999 (free phone)
  • Give your full name and address
  • Get a job number from the National Grid.