Sarah knew that her home and community should have been a safe and enjoyable place to live for her and her family but anti-social behaviour meant it was anything but.

This is Sarah’s story of bravery and courage in speaking out about anti-social behaviour and changing her life for the better.

Sarah’s story

Sarah and her family suffered from months of harassment and serious threats of violence from a notorious criminal who was part of a gang that terrorised her neighbourhood.

A serious and unprovoked assault on Sarah one night followed by threats of violence by her perpetrator made her come forward and speak out; where some would shy away in the face of threats, she showed tremendous courage in standing up to her attacker.

Although frightened, Sarah stood up to her aggressor and took the stand in the witness box to give evidence to support Progress in getting a successful conviction; the man was jailed and he and his family were evicted from the estate.

Her selfless actions have not only protected herself but others in the area too. This heroic display turned her into a beacon of hope for her community. Inspired, more people are now coming forward to report crime, nuisance and domestic violence to us and the police and the area has become a better and safer place to live.

Sarah went on to win a national award for her act and continued to work with us, offering advice and support to other victims of anti-social behaviour.

Sarah is just one of many people whom we support to fight anti-social behaviour, hate crimes and domestic violence every year. It is people like her that help to make neighbourhoods into close-knit communities that are enjoyable and safe places to live.

Without such courage, anti-social behaviour, hate crimes and domestic violence can go unpunished and people and communities will be unable to live the lives that they deserve.

If you have been a victim of or witness to anti-social behaviour, criminal activity, hate crime or domestic violence then we hope that Sarah has inspired you to come forward and speak out.

If you are still unsure about whether to report an incident then please contact us for a private and confidential chat. We will never do anything without your permission.