Your alarm system provides a link between you and your independent living coordinator by means of a two-way speech system. It also links you to our Control Centre, which is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing support whenever you need it.

Your independent living coordinator will show you how to use the system when you move into your accommodation.

How does the alarm system work?

An electronic box is fitted to the wall, usually in the hall or lounge. This is called the speech unit.

To use the speech unit:

  • Press the button on the speech unit
  • A small red light will flash to let you know that your call has been received
  • Wait for your independent living coordinator or duty controller to answer
  • Once they have finished speaking, tell them what the problem is.

There are also emergency alarm cords in your home, usually in the bathroom and bedroom.

To use the alarm cords:

  • Pull the cord to activate the alarm
  • Your independent living coordinator or the duty controller will answer
  • Tell them what the problem is.

The equipment is very sensitive so there is no need to shout, just talk normally and you will be heard. If you are unable to speak, don’t panic. The independent living coordinator will be able to tell which flat the call has come from and will summon assistance immediately.

The alarm cord or button is there for your safety. If you need to raise the alarm please use it, regardless of what time of day it is.

What if I pull the cord by mistake?

If you, or a visitor, pull the alarm cord by mistake, don’t worry just tell the person who answers.

What if there is a power failure or a fault?

During a power failure the alarm system will work on batteries for several hours, so you can still get help if you need it. The alarm system is tested quarterly to ensure that it operates correctly, and that any alarm cords hang freely, but if you feel that it is not working properly in between these checks please report the fault to your independent living coordinator.

It is important that the alarm is in good working order at all times.

The alarm service is provided by Progress Lifeline which is part of Progress Housing Group.