Many of our properties have gas central heating, fires or water heaters and we are required to undertake an annual safety check by law.

Legally you must allow us access to do this every year.

Allowing access

Before a safety check you will receive a letter advising you when a gas engineer will be carrying out checks in your area. An engineer will call at your property during the week specified to undertake your check.

Why are they so important?

We undertake these checks for your safety and wellbeing. Faulty gas appliances can cause fires and explosions or release carbon monoxide; a deadly gas which is tasteless, colourless and odourless meaning that you won’t know if you are being poisoned.

What if I am not in?

If you are not at home then you will be left with a contact card requesting that you contact us to rearrange as soon as possible. You can do this by calling 03333 204555.

How long will it take?

The checks take 30-45 minutes per appliance.

Meeting your needs

If you have a support worker or want a family member or friend to be there when your gas service is carried out then please let us know so that we can arrange the appointment at a time when they are available.

What if we cannot get access to your home?

Your safety and the safety of your neighbours is our top priority. Unfortunately some people either miss appointments or refuse to let us into their home. This is a breach of tenancy agreement and can lead to forced entry, legal costs and even eviction.

Please click here to read our leaflet on gas safety checks.