Do you:

  • Live in a Progress Housing Group affordable rented home?

Have you:

  • Got a clear rent account?
  • Given us access first time to carry out your gas safety check?
  • Not breached any part of your tenancy agreement?
  • Got up-to-date home contents insurance?

Are you handy with a hammer? If so then we are offering cashback to tenants who carry out low level repairs themselves instead of logging a repair with us.

What is a low level repair?

  • Reattach a loose pan
  • Repair joints to the toilet pan
  • Reattach the cistern
  • Overhaul the cistern
  • Replace the cistern and pan
  • Renew sealant
  • Replace the bath
  • Replace a mixer shower (not electric)
  • Reattach a bath panel
  • Reattach the wash basin
  • Fit a new wash basin
  • Renew the sealant
  • Fix dripping or loose taps
  • Remove and refix tiles
  • Rake out and regrout
  • Fit a new shelf in a kitchen unit
  • Renew the worktop sealant
  • Adjust a cupboard door and its handle
  • Adjust a drawer's runner
  • Reattach an existing worktop
  • Reattach, ease and adjust a window fitting
  • Make a fence safe
  • Repair a fence post
  • Fit a new fence post
  • Fit a new fence
  • Fix a loose clothes post
  • Ease a timber gate if it's sticking
  • Repair or renew any fence fitting
  • Replace a lock
  • Repair architraves
  • Reattach a skirting board
  • Reattach or repair a floor board
  • Replace the cylinder jacket on a hot water tank
  • Plastering walls and ceilings (only where there isn't an artex finish)
  • Ease and adjust the door
  • Fix or reattach any loose fittings
  • Fit a new door
  • Repair footpaths and paved areas
  • Reattach loose fittings
  • Renew external sealant
  • Renew draught proofing
  • Ease and adjust a door
  • Repair the garage door

What do I do if I want to carry out my own repairs?

If you want to carry out any repairs, please contact us.

We will visit you to check if the repair qualifies for the DIY repair scheme and discuss with you what you need to do and how much cashback you will receive.

You must wait for our inspector to pre-inspect the repair before you carry out any work.

We unfortunately cannot pay you for any previous repairs you may have carried out yourself.

How do I receive my tenant cashback? What next?

Your tenant cashback will be credited to your rent account. If your account is in credit you can request a refund of the cashback amount.