Energy Efficiency training

1-18 March 2016 | Events

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Various venues 01772450600
Time: 12:00 - 12:00

This event has now finished.

Are you interested in potentially saving money on your energy bills? If so, then our energy efficiency information sessions are a great way to learn about how to save energy in your home.

Each of these sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Building Fabrics
  • Heat Loss (why its lost and where its lost)
  • Effects of Fuel Poverty (on individuals and in the community)
  • Signs of Fuel Poverty
  • Heating Systems (efficient and inefficient)
  • Room thermostats
  • Damp and Condensation
  • Meters, bills and methods of payments
  • How to save energy 

The sessions listed below are available to all Progress Housing Group customers.

  •  1 March, 2pm at Warwick House, St Annes
  • 􀂁 15 March, 2pm at Saltcotes community centre, Lytham
  • 􀂁 16 March, 10am at The Place community centre, Leyland
  • 􀂁 16 March, 1.30pm at Penwortham community centre, Penwortham
  • 􀂁 17 March, 2pm at Lower Lane community centre, Freckleton
  • 􀂁 18 March, 10am at The Base community centre, Leyland

To confirm your attendance at any of these sessions, simply complete the form below or contact the Community Involvement Team on 01772 450600 or by email


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