Progress Housing Group has teamed up with the British Cycling Association to run two cycling events, one on Wednesday 19 and the other on Thursday 20 August at Lower Lane community centre in Freckleton.

The Lancashire-based housing group is hoping to encourage more residents to cycle whether it’s to work, to school, to the shops, or as part of a fun family outing.

At the events you will learn essential tips on how to keep yourself safe on a bike, learn key skills such as good road positioning, signalling and how to make yourself more visible to your surroundings, as well as taking part in a couple of fun games.

There’s no need for lycra or an expensive bike, all you need is a helmet, a bike, a water bottle, a packed lunch and suitable clothing. If you do not have a bike or helmet you can pre-book one by calling Tom Leivers at the British Cycling Association on 0753428126.

Why cycle?

Cycling is not only a cheap way to get about from A to B, but it can also be a very sociable activity with health benefits. With so many off-road cycle routes it is also a great way to explore your local countryside. Cycling releases natural feel-good endorphins that make you happy and which also help to counter act stress.

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