We have recently had a report from another housing association of their tenants being targeted by bogus or fraudulent callers.

The caller has been presenting themselves as staff from the association, claiming they are missing the person’s bank details and asking for them over the phone.

While we do not know of any instances of this occurring with any of our tenants, we thought we would take this opportunity to urge you to be vigilant when giving out personal information, whether that be on the phone, over the internet or even in person.

If you receive a call from someone saying they are from Progress Housing Group or one of our subsidiary companies (New Progress Housing Association, New Fylde Housing or Progress Care Housing Association), asking for financial or other personal information, we would advise that you offer to call the person back. 

  1. Hang up and dial 03333 204555 to ensure you are speaking to one of our Progress Connect, customer service operatives
  2. When calling that number you will first be met with a welcome message asking you to press 1 if you are a tenant or applicant with an enquiry or repair
  3. Press 1 and you will be put through to someone in our Progress Connect Team
  4. Make them aware of the instance and if it is a genuine enquiry they will be able to carry on with the request or put you through to the relevant person. If it is a fraudulent call they will escalate this and pass your details to our Data Protection Team who will deal with the issue.

For more information about fraud, including how to stay safe online, please click here.

If you think you have been targetted by this scam then please contact us to report it to the Data Protection Team.

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