If you live in the North West of England then you could be receiving financial help with your water bills.

United Utilities has a range of options to help you reduce your water bills and we’ve explained more below.

Help to pay scheme

There can be times in life when paying your bills on time is not always easy.

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties and worried about your water bill, the message from United Utilities is simple – don’t suffer in silence. Call them as soon as possible on 0800 072 6765 so they are aware of your issues and can ensure you are receiving the right financial support.

One of their newest schemes for customers struggling with debt is the Help to Pay scheme.

If you receive Pension Credit - either Pension Guarantee Credit or Pension Savings Credit - and are struggling to pay your bill, you may be eligible to have your water bill capped at a set amount each year. If you are accepted on to the scheme, the maximum annual amount you would pay for your water this year would be £250. So if your current bill is more than this, and you are in receipt of Pension Credit, please call them as soon as possible on 0800 072 6765. 

Alternatively, visit their website by clicking here and downloading an application form.


Help for customers on benefits using a lot of water.

If you have a water meter, receive benefits/tax credits and have a good reason for using lots of water (such as having a big family or someone in your household having a medical condition which results in high water use) you may well qualify.

If your application is successful, they can cap your water charges at a set amount each year regardless of how much water you use – for this year your bill would be capped at £410.34.

For further information, please click here or call them on 0800 980 6050 to request an application pack. 

Save water and reduce your bills

Did you know that 16% of your energy bills come from heating water – that’s an average of £228 per year for a typical family?

A few simple tweaks to your daily routine, and you could soon send your gas and electricity bills tumbling.

Not letting taps run, fixing leaks, having a shower instead of a bath, only switching on washing machines and dishwashers when full – these small savings soon start to add up over the year. And if you have a water meter, using water wisely in the home will reduce your water bill too.

United Utilities have some fantastic water saving items on their website which you can order free of charge. Click here to find out more.

If you don't live in North West England then you will have a different water provider. Please click here to check who is your water provider and to find out whether you could receive any help.