We recently undertook a survey to determine how often you would like to receive rent statements by post.

We currently send you four statements a year but you told us that you would rather receive just one. As such we will be sending out rent statements annually following your next statement which is due in April.

You can continue to view your rent statement at any time by:

Following feedback, we are also  investigating the possibility of customers moving to paperless if they wish to do so. We will communicate this with you in due course.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. The results can be seen below:

Did you read your rent statement?

  Response percent Response count
I always read it 85.3% 295
I sometimes read it 12.7% 44
I do not read it 2% 7

 What information do you look at in your rent statement?

  Response percent Response count
I check every payment 55.6% 189
I check the overall balance 73.8% 251
I check how much Housing Benefit I am getting 21.8% 74
I do not read it at all 3.2% 11
Other 3.5% 12

How is your rent paid?

  Response percent Response
Direct Debit 42.2% 146
Payment card 20.5% 71
Telephone 9.2% 32
Housing Benefit 34.1% 118
Internet 14.2% 49
Other 3.8% 13

Did you know you could view your rent account online?

Yes 55%
No 45%

Would you be interested in signing up to our online service so that you can access your rent statement online at any time?

Yes 79.3%
No 20.7%

Did you know that your rent can now be paid on any day by Direct Debit?

Yes 70.9%
No - I would like more information on this 7.8%
No 21.2%

Would you be happy to receive your rent statement once a year?

Yes 67.2%
No 25.5%
Do not know 7.2%