You can now set up a Direct Debit online. This means it’s even quicker and easier to pay your rent, service charges or sundry invoice payments.

All you need is a valid reference number for your account; for Rent or Service Charges this will be your Tenancy code; for Sundry Invoice Payments this will be your Customer number and a bank or building society account from which direct debits payments can be made.

What are the benefits of Direct Debit?

Pay any day

Pay when it is convenient to you so you’ll never go overdrawn. Everybody gets paid on different days and pays bills differently; Direct Debit gives you the option to schedule your payments in a way that suits you, putting you in control of your income and expenditure.

Save time

Direct Debit only needs setting up once. No more queuing or hanging on the phone while you pay.

Peace of mind

Automatic payments mean deadlines are never forgotten so you shouldn’t go into arrears.


You're automatically protected by safeguards that include an immediate money back guarantee in the event of an error in payment.

Save money

Direct Debit is much cheaper than paying by credit card.

Set up your Direct Debit now.

If you require any further information or would prefer to set up a direct debit over the telephone, contact the Progress Connect Team on 03333 204555.