Charity Key Unlocking Futures has recently launched a new service to support tenants who are in critical arrears to maintain their tenancies and avoid losing their homes.

In partnership with Progress Housing Group, Key has appointed two new support workers to deliver the service which is available to those tenants of the Group in South Ribble, Chorley and Fylde who are in imminent danger of losing their tenancy due to rent arrears or anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues.

Life can present us all with challenges at times but for some of our customers, their personal circumstances can be extremely difficult and the imminent threat of losing their home creates an additional pressure for those who are already struggling.

Key works with those individuals and families who are most at risk to provide a service which is fully personalised to their needs to get them back on track. The service is completely confidential and their support workers are experienced and skilled in tackling the most challenging of personal circumstances, whilst also building on the strengths of families and individuals to identify a positive way forward.

Ursula Patten, Operations Director at Key says: “We are really pleased to be offering this service to tenants and are confident that we can make a real difference to people’s lives.

"Key has a strong track record and has provided high quality tenancy support for many years.

"Progress Housing Group has have been forward-thinking in recognising that tenants feel more comfortable in discussing their problems with an organisation that isn’t their landlord.

"This service shows the commitment of Progress Housing Group to ensure its tenants receive high quality support services so that they have the best chance of maintaining their tenancy."

In its first month, the new support service has already made a big difference to 21 tenants.

Helen, a tenant, said*: “I have been able to sleep for the first time in weeks. I had been ignoring my rent arrears because I was worried if I spoke to Progress Housing Group that they would take my house off me. I have now made an agreement with them to pay off my arrears.”

Another tenant, Darren, said*: “I was so glad when Progress Housing Group told me that they had referred me because I know I needed help, but I didn’t know who to turn to.”

For further information about the service, please visit the Key website, contact Key directly on 01772 678979 or email 

If you are worried about arrears or any other issues affecting your ability to pay your rent, please contact us as soon as possible to speak in confidence with one of our trained advisors on 03333 204555. We can offer lots of support and advice to help you clear your rent arrears and remain in your home.

*Real names have not been used to protect individuals' identities