In April 2018 we changed our complaints process. We’ve gone from a three-stage to a two-stage process, with the emphasis being on early resolution wherever possible, and learning from the feedback you give us, in order to make changes and improvements to our services.

The Customer Feedback Forum will review anonymised examples of complaints we have dealt with, and provide feedback as to how you think we are doing, including ways you think we can improve. This will not be a Forum in which to raise individual issues, but instead you will be contributing on behalf of all our customers to the overall effectiveness of how we manage and deal with complaints. We would love to have a broad cross-section of our customers to join us for this valuable insight and feedback.

If you are interested in joining the Tenant Feedback Forum, then please either contact Progress Connect on 03333 204555 and ask to speak to one of our Progress Opportunities Team, or email us on