Paul Brady from Liverpool, was given an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Order for causing nuisance and harm to vulnerable residents in a block of flats owned and managed by Progress Housing Group. 

Progress Housing Group, based in Leyland, Lancashire, received complaints from staff and residents that Mr Brady had caused them alarm and distress by using insulting and threatening language and by entering the block of flats when he has been ordered not to do so.

At Liverpool County Court before His Honour Judge (HHJ) Gregory, on 15 November 2018, Paul Brady received a custodial sentence of three months.  HHJ Gregory found that Mr Brady’s evidence was inconsistent and lacked credibility and corroborative detail. “I am satisfied the burden of proof for the criminal standard had been met and that Paul Brady had breached the injunction on three separate occasions.” HHJ Gregory went on to confirm that the breaches of the ASB injunction order were serious.

“After giving Mr Brady plenty of opportunities to change his behaviour he left us no choice but to take further legal action against him. We hope that the severity of this penalty will deter others from causing a nuisance within our communities. Just as importantly we hope that it sends a clear message to our customers and to others that we will do all we can to enable decent law abiding people are able live peacefully in their homes. We would like to thank everyone who supports us in this work. We hope that Mr Brady has learnt his lesson and that when he is released from prison that he will not return to his disruptive and alarming behaviour.” Bernie Keenan, Deputy Chief Executive at Progress Housing Group

Progress Housing Group were represented in court by Anna Short, Barrister, Cobden House Chambers.