Bsl Lisa Murphy

My name is Lisa. Over the last two years I have completed and passed Levels 1 and 2 in British Sign Language (BSL). Next year I would like to complete Level 3 BSL at university.

I would like to offer my support to Progress Housing Group customers and tenants to help bridge the gap between hearing and deaf communities.

What BSL and communication support can I provide?

  • Translating BSL into spoken English and English into BSL for easier communication
  • Communicating support plans and rent arrears to tenants
  • Supporting you with shopping and bills
  • Supporting you to get involved in local activities and introductions to other people.

If you are a tenant or customer who would like to use my BSL skills, please contact us and ask to arrange an appointment with Lisa Murphy.

Lisa Murphy – Progress Lifeline Installer (BSL Level 2)