The Group last consulted with customers around our governance arrangements in November 2015.  Following this consultation, the Group changed its Rules in April 2016 and board members were appointed based on the skills needed to run the business. 

The board recognised that through this process there was no longer any tenant board members and wanted to ensure the customer voice continues to be heard.  The board does this through a number of ways:

  • Scrutiny reports are reported quarterly presented by tenant members of the scrutiny pool
  • Customers attend quarterly to share their experiences of services received by the group
  • Community Investment Fund working parties are chaired and attended by board members
  • Board members are given the opportunity to attend various customer-led forum and activities held throughout the year
  • Study visits are carried out for board members
  • All customer facing board reports, policies and strategies are consulted with tenants and their views are incorporated accordingly


From September 2018, the boards of Progress Housing Group Limited and Progress Housing Association Limited will have 12 board members and two shadow board members.  Board members are allowed to serve a maximum of nine years so we appoint shadow board members to support the Group with planning for retirement and ensure continuity after each Annual General Meeting. 

The Group is also looking to appoint two trainee board members who will receive a year’s training in the skills required to serve as a board member.  Not only is this a fantastic opportunity for the individuals but it will support the Group to achieve its aspirations towards equality, diversity and inclusion. 

These positions are now closed.