This year Progress Housing Group celebrates 25 years of making a difference - whether that be building homes, supporting independence or creating opportunities.

We have always been more than a story about bricks or statistics or targets... we are about people, communities, aspirations and empowerment.

Let us introduce David...

David from St Annes was struggling to pay his rent and faced losing his home. David was going through a tough period in his life. His wife had recently passed away and his daughter was diagnosed as being critically ill.

With all the stress and worry getting on top of him, David wasn’t managing his money properly and soon found himself in debt. With the debt getting bigger, he was struggling to pay his bills.

David sought help from the team at Key Unlocking Futures, who worked with him to find a solution. He is now debt-free and is in credit with his rent account. David said that just being able to talk to someone about his debt problem was a massive weight lifted from his shoulders.

Watch David's story:

David's story is one of a series of short films that tell the stories of our customers as part of our 25 years of Progress anniversary celebrations.

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