A customer informed us that they received a bogus phone call over the weekend from someone claiming to work for Progress Housing Group. The caller was asking to call round to the customer’s home to complete a survey. This was a hoax call and was not made by a member of Progress Housing Group. 

As previously advertised, we are undertaking telephone survey's with The Leadership Factor (TLF) but they will not visit you in your home, the questions will only be asked over the telephone. If you want to speak to us further about this, or believe you have had a bogus call, please contact us on 03333 204555 or speak to our advisors via our live web chat at www.progressgroup.org.uk

To help safeguard customers from bogus callers, we have put together the following information to help you identify a bogus caller, and what to do if you are worried about bogus callers.

  • If you receive a house call from anybody claiming to be from Progress Housing Group or any other organisation claiming to be working in partnership with the Group always ask to see identification before letting anybody enter your home. Anybody calling from the Group or any other professional organisation will carry identification that states who they are working for, their name, and should have no issue with providing you with this information.
  • Always question anybody who is trying to gain entry to your home that you have not been alerted to, or recognise. If somebody is calling at your home from an organisation you do not recognise, or are not currently having dealings with, you do not have to grant them entry in to your home. If you find the caller to be suspicious when questioning them, always go with your gut instinct and refuse them entry in to your home.
  • If you are wary of a caller in your home who is refusing to leave, and you are not in immediate danger, call the police on their non-emergency number, 101. By reporting the incident to the Police, they can be on the lookout for this bogus caller in the community, and prevent them from trying to gain entry in to anybody else’s home.
  • To help you recognise bogus callers, you can set up a password with your utility company to ensure you know that the person calling at your home is genuine, and calling for a legitimate reason. You can do this by calling your utility company and requesting a password be set up.

If you think you have been a victim of a bogus caller scam and would like some advice, or would like to gain more information about how to safeguard against bogus callers visit the Citizen’s Advice website.