​As part of our 25 years of making a difference celebrations, we set ourselves a challenge to raise £25,000 for charity. To help achieve this, the organisation pledged to match fund any fundraising activities carried out by customers and staff.

In April, this seemed like a very tall order. However, thanks to all of the incredible efforts of staff and customers, and many fantastic fundraisers, we have exceeded all expectations.  At the beginning of November, the total raised was a massive £28,505!!!

As the match charity funding has been so successful, the Group has agreed to increase the Charity Fund by a further £5,000.  This increase means that we still have a fund of £3,911 available.  If we can use the additional funds, charities and good causes will have benefited by a whopping £35,000 by the end of the financial year!!!  A magnificent achievement for our celebration year.

Applications for the Charity Fund are still coming in, and we will support these as far as we can. However, please do bear in mind that we may not be able to provide 100% match funding for all applications once a significant amount of the additional funds is allocated.

To read more about all the fundraisers that have taken place, please visit https://twentyfive.progressgroup.org.uk 

If you would like to apply for match funding from the Group's charity fund, please contact us.