From January 2020, we're adding extra security checks when you make a payment to us.

You may notice some other changes once the new system goes live, including improvements to make it even easier and quicker to pay online from any device.

If you make a payment online or through your online tenancy account, you will notice an extra step in security.

Before you submit a payment, you will be redirected to your card provider to complete a step on their website. You will be either asked to enter a password (which you’ll have set up already with your bank) or enter an authentication code (which will be automatically sent to your confirmed mobile phone number). They may also ask for additional details depending on the value of the transaction. 

After you have provided the correct details, your payment will be approved by the card provider and you’ll be directed back to our website.

It’s important that you’re ready for these extra steps. You might not be able to make a payment if you’re not prepared.

To make sure you’re ready for the extra security checks, there are a few things you can do: 

  1. Check and update your phone number with your card provider so they can text a passcode to your mobile or call your landline.

  2. Sign up for your online tenancy account to be able to quickly and securely confirm it’s you. You can also securely save your payment card details for next time you make a payment.

If you sign up for a tenant account you will also be able to store your card details to make regular payments quicker and easier. 

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