April marked the start of our 2019/20 maintenance and improvements programme. Over the next year, we plan to spend more than £20 million improving and repairing your homes.

This is how the money will be spent:

Planned maintenance and improvements

For example bathrooms, kitchens, electrical rewiring and heating systems. £5.9 million

Cyclical maintenance

For example gas servicing, painting and energy efficiency works. £2.5 million

Responsive repairs

For example day-to-day repairs, clearing and cleaning empty properties. £7.5 million


For example aids and adaptations and environmental improvement works. £3.6 million

TOTAL £20 million

How is the work planned?

To help us plan our future maintenance programmes, we record the condition of each element of every property in a database. We continually update our records using information collected from our ongoing programme of property inspections.

How will I find out if any work is being carried out to my home?

You will find details of the repairs, maintenance and improvement works that we will be carrying out between April 2019 and March 2020 here. Work will not be completed at all properties and independent living schemes listed in these areas, just those that we have identified as needing work.

We will notify you in advance if we are carrying out work to your home.  If your property is not listed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that no work will be carried out at your home this year.

Unless stated otherwise, we will notify you by letter at least four weeks before starting any work that may affect you. We will explain the works proposed and the level of disruption you can expect.

For planning purposes, we may need to inspect your home to assess the work that needs to be completed. If we need to inspect your property we will notify you in writing. However if time does not permit, an inspector may notify you in person.