We are making preparations for any severe cold weather so that we can deliver the best service possible even if we’re faced with sub-zero conditions. So that you’re ready too we have come up with some helpful tips and advice for staying warm and safe in the event of bad weather.
Going away this winter?
• If you are going away for a few days remember to leave your heating on low and turn off your water at the stop tap to prevent any flooding whilst you’re away.
Boiler not working? Check the condensate pipe
• During extremely cold weather condensate pipes on boilers can freeze. A condensate pipe carries waste from a boiler to the drain outside. If it is frozen it can cause a blockage and lead to your boiler not working to its full capacity or not working at all.
• Take extreme caution when attempting to identify and thaw a condensate pipe. Never attempt to thaw a condensate pipe that is above ground level, or disconnect the condensate in order to do so. If in doubt, please phone us on 03333 204555 or message us via our live web chat at www.progressgroup.org.uk before attempting to do this yourself.
What can you expect from us?
Emergency repairs come first
• During adverse weather conditions, we will always try to deliver a full range of services to all of our tenants. It is possible, however, that in extreme conditions we may have to prioritise certain services. For example, we may have to postpone non-essential repairs so that we can deal with emergencies.
Reporting repairs to us
It is quick and easy to report a repair online at any time of the day by clicking here http://ow.ly/CI1O30ng7Dh or you can report it via live chat during working hours.
You do not need to sign up for a tenant account or log in to report a repair.
You can also report your repair to us via our live web chat, we are usually online from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday or by phoning us on 03333 204555.