Each year we undertake a programme of planned maintenance and improvements to replace or repair the parts of your home that need to be updated.

2019-20 planned works table

Major internal works

Every year we carry out a package of necessary major internal works, including the following:

  • Kitchen replacements
  • Bathroom refurbishments
  • Heating system renewals
  • Electrical rewiring.

The major planned programmes run throughout the year.

We only carry out those works that are required in each property. For example, one house may have had a new kitchen installed more recently than neighbouring properties and so may not need a replacement at this time.

Prior to any major internal works and external painting work, we will need to carry out an asbestos survey at your property. You will be notified by letter if your home is part of the planned works programme and you will be contacted by an asbestos surveyor in advance of the works to carry out the survey. If you refuse to have an asbestos survey carried out, we will not be able to continue with the planned works.

Ongoing maintenance

We carry out an ongoing cyclical maintenance programme to cover the recurring items of property maintenance.

2019-20 planned works painting and gas

Independent living scheme refurbishments

This year we will be carrying out major refurbishment work at: Tuson House, Boundary Close, St John’s Court, Stanner Lodge, Croft Court, Derby House, Bolton Croft, Lower House and Hennel House.

Painting the outside of your home

We aim to paint the outside of around 427 homes this year. Often this will involve carrying out minor repairs to rotten or damaged timber before the painting is carried out.

All tenants will be notified if their property will be painted within the next few months.

Painting communal areas

Some of our flats and independent living schemes have internal communal areas, such as corridors and stairwells that need painting from time to time. We will be redecorating a small number of schemes over the coming year.

Gas servicing

Every year we need to check the safety of all the gas appliances that we have provided in your home. This service is for your safety, to ensure that everything is working safely and efficiently. This year, we will service gas appliances at more than 6,632 properties.

It is very important you allow us access to your home to carry out these checks. Gas servicing and electrical testing are carried out to keep you safe in your home.

If a gas engineer calls at your property and has been unable to gain access, a card will be posted through your door to tell you that someone has called to do your inspection. The card will have our phone number on it. Itis important for your own safety, and also to comply with the law and your tenancy agreement that you contact us to make a suitable morning or afternoon appointment.

Electrical testing

If an electrician calls at your property and has been unable to gain access, a card will be posted through your door to tell you that someone has called to do your inspection. The card will have a phone number o our chosen contractor Lantei on it.

It is important for your own safety and to comply with your tenancy agreement, that you contact Lantei to make a suitable morning or afternoon appointment.

We need to carry out a condition report of the electrical system that we maintain in your home. This report is for your safety, to ensure that everything is working safely. This year, we will inspect electrical systems at more than 900 properties.

Energy efficiency measures

Over recent years we have been carrying out a major loft and cavity wall insulation programme with the aim of making your home more comfortable, reducing your energy bills and helping to protect the environment by reducing energy consumption. Our ongoing programme of inspections identify those properties that require insulation improvements. Please help us to help you by giving us access to your property.

Other cyclical work

We have many other cyclical maintenance programmes running all the time. These include servicing lifts and fire alarms, testing electrical appliances in communal areas of independent living schemes, and disinfecting water storage tanks. We always try to minimise disruption to tenants and, in most cases, you will not know that they are happening – but where you do need to know, we will contact you in advance.

Day-to-day repairs

Every year we carry out around 20,000 repairs reported by our tenants. We also repair and clean around 550 properties for new tenants to move into, once the previous tenant has moved out.

This costs approximately £2,000 per property. When the tenant has caused damage, we charge the cost of the work to them so that all tenants do not have to pay for the negligence of others