We have extended our tenant satisfaction survey (STAR) for another week.

If you haven't already, received a call from The Leadership Factor then they may phone you on our behalf. Please don't worry as we have asked them to gather feedback for us on the services we provide.

Calls will take place between 9.30am and 8.30pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 1pm on Saturday’s but no later and never on a Sunday. They will clear identify themselves as phoning from The Leadership Factor and phoning you on behalf of Progress Housing Group. They will not ask you for personal details only questions around satisfaction and the services we provide.

Why do we conduct surveys?

The main reason we undertake the tenant satisfaction survey (STAR) is:

  • To understand what we are doing right or wrong
  • To understand how we can improve services and provide value for money
  • To be able to compare against other registered providers and identify best      practice.

The STAR Survey

The survey will be conducted by telephone and will take about ten minutes to complete. The interviews are optional but if you do receive a call we would very much appreciate you taking part.

Who are The Leadership Factor (TLF)?

TLF are a company who specialise in running satisfaction surveys and helping organisations understand what they need to do to be better. They work with different businesses including some well- known names such as the Co-op, Direct Line and Npower.

They also work with lots of housing associations. This means that they understand the type of information that will help us improve.

TLF follows a special Code of Conduct for researchers. The Code makes sure that you, and any information you share, is treated with respect. They will always check if you want your feedback to be anonymous or not.

What can I expect?

The TLF will contact a random selection of tenants to complete the survey.

If you miss a call from TLF you do not need to worry. They will call you back at another time. They will never expect you to call them so you do not need to worry about any cost. If you are in a rush they will arrange to interview you at a time that suits you.

TLF will ask for you by name and will only ask for the main tenant holder.

What will they not ask me?

TLF will not ask you for any personal information and you can request for your data to be anonymous.

Random sampling

As this is a random sample, whilst you may have participated previously in STAR, there is a possibility that you may not be contacted this time. This does not mean that your views are not important to us as we welcome feedback at any time.

A note from TLF

“Our interviewers enjoy talking to housing association tenants because they are friendly and happy to give feedback, not only when things are going well but even when things aren’t always going to plan. We are looking forward to getting to know many of you over the coming months and finding out what you think about Progress Housing Group and the services they provide.”

What will we do with the information?

In April we will receive a report which pulls together all your responses. We will then use this information to look at areas of strength and weakness.

We will develop an action plan to target areas of weakness. We will compare our findings to other registered providers and contact those who are performing well in our areas of weakness. We will communicate these findings and actions to you.

Progress Housing Group undertakes the STAR survey as it is a valuable way to gain feedback and make sure that we are providing a high standard of service.

The feedback we are requesting is about the services we provide and is what is known as a ‘legitimate business interest’ under the data protection legislation. We are able to employ the services of a third party and share necessary contact details as long as customer details are only used for this purpose and are destroyed once the survey is complete.

Due to the scale of this work, we have employed an external contractor, The Leadership Factor, to carry out the survey on our behalf. They are gathering the information purely for use by us and will send it to us anonymised to ensure fairness, unless customers specifically ask for their details to be forwarded to us with their response. For full details on how we use your data, please visit our Data Protection statement on our website for more information: www.progressgroup.org.uk/dp or please do contact us on 03333 204555 if you have any further questions.