Black History Month is held every year in October and is an annual commemoration of the history, achievements and contributions that Black people have made to UK.

​Major events that have happened this year have made us all pause for thought regarding the history of Black African and Caribbean people.

As an organisation, Progress Housing Group are continuously working towards improving how we recognise and celebrate diversity, and be both a truly inclusive community whether this is through our recruitment choices, our policies, our culture, our pledges, and challenging our own unconscious bias, prejudices or lack of understanding. This should be part of the fabric of our everyday lives and something every person can contribute to. However, a national campaign allows the opportunity for us to stop, focus and dedicate some thinking space to learn and consider what equality, diversion and inclusion mean to us. 

How did Black History Month start?

After visiting America in the 1970s, Ghanaian-born Akyaaba Addai Sebo, a special projects officer at the Greater London Council, founded the UK's version of Black History Month in 1987. The reason October was chosen was to empower children and young people to celebrate themselves and their origins in a positive way following the summer holidays.

Why we all need to celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month means different things to different people. It is an opportunity to reflect on the diverse history of those from African & Caribbean descent, and to celebrate their history.

What can we do to support Black History Month?

Be visible:  We will be sharing content on our staff intranet, website and social media channels that focuses on different aspects of black culture; highlighting activities, local events, articles, as well as celebrating black leaders in our sector.

Be inquisitive:  We are encouraging our staff to take the time to research black history month and share their findings with us.

Share experiences:  What does Black History Months mean to you? We will be sharing blogs from our colleagues and will invite our customers to share their experiences too.

Visit the Black History Month website to find out more.