A community clean-up and skip day organised by Progress Housing Group in the Kilnhouse neighbourhood in Fylde, was hailed a success by tenants and residents after two giant skips full of rubbish and fly-tipping was cleared from the neighbourhood's streets and houses.

On 27 August, Progress Housing Group arranged for two roll-on roll-off skips to be delivered to the Kilnhouse area in St Annes, on the Fylde Coast, in an effort to clean up the rubbish and fly-tipping which had been building up in the neighbourhood over recent months, causing health and safety problems for residents in the area.

Leaflets were delivered to tenants and residents living in the neighbourhood to notify them that the Group's Neighbourhood and Caretaker Teams would be available on the day to help fill the skips and would drive to pick up larger items for the skips from people's houses and gardens where needed.

The event was organised by Progress Housing Group's Community Housing Officer, Viv Fox, in response to the increasing amounts of time the Neighbourhood Caretaker Team was needing to spend clearing the area of fly-tipping and rubbish that was being dumped on the estate, and the volume of complaints about this from tenants in the area.

Speaking after the clean-up event, Viv said, "I want to say a huge thank you to all the tenants who supported the community clean-up and skip day, either by bringing along their rubbish for tipping, helping us litter-pick and clean up the streets or by providing us with feedback about what else we may be able to do to improve the area.

"Thanks also to all the Group staff involved in organising the day - because of the success of this event, we are now in talks with Fylde Borough Council about how we can work together to improve the litter and fly-tipping issues in this neighbourhood. It really was brilliant to hear the difference just one day like this has made to our Kilnhouse tenants.

"The day was a great example of how working together in our communities we can really make a difference."

One of the first tenants to access the skips on the day said, "This is a brilliant idea and a massive help for residents. Getting to the tip has been difficult due to the coronavirus restrictions over the past few months and we've noticed rubbish building up on the streets and in people’s gardens, as if people just expect the council to come and tidy it all up. To have the skips right here on the estate is really helpful."

Another tenant added, "I'm really glad this skip day has happened. If there's rubbish out, it seems like it has become socially acceptable now for people just to add to it. It's an eyesore and dangerous with kids smashing up the fly-tipping and rubbish on the streets."

A family bringing their unwanted household items to the skip said, "Clean-up days like today are really useful - it made my day when the letter came through my door! Some people can't afford to get to the tip but by helping us with providing skips occassionally, it will save everything being dumped in gardens and the area looking so down-trodden."


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